About Virtual Telemedicine Consultations

All services are offered virtually until further notice. All virtual services are offered through Doxyme. This is a HIPAA compliant, secure telemedicine service so you can rest assured that your privacy is protected. No other people will be present in the room on my end. You may have any support people that you wish in the room with you. No  part  of  the  telemedicine  visit  will  be  recorded.  Credit  card  payment  will  be  collected  at  the  start  of  the  visit. 


We are proud to partner with Lactation Network to provide lactation consultation services covered by insurance. To see if your insurance is accepted, please click on the link below and follow the instructions to request a consultation. If your insurance is accepted, visits are provided at no cost to you.  If your insurance is not accepted, we would be happy to help you.  The self pay rates listed below.