Prepare for your home visit



Before your home visit, please fill out medical history forms. This is best done from an iphone, ipad, laptop, or desktop. 

Make sure your baby will be hungry

In order to assess how much milk your baby can consume while breastfeeding, it is important that baby is hungry at the beginning of the home visit. Feed your baby about 2 hours before the start of the visit and do not feed again until I arrive. 

Keep records

If possible, it is helpful to have a 24 hr record of feedings (breastfeeding and/or bottles and supplementation devices) and wet and dirty diapers.

What to expect during a home visit

Medical history


I will review your medical history as well as your baby's. It is important to fill out all forms before the home visit so that we may spend the entire visit helping you breastfeed successfully.

Breast exam


I will assess your breast anatomy and lactation function. I will also help you with any nipple pain or damage, engorgement, or other concerns.



At each home visit, I will obtain a naked weight, as well as weights before and after the feed. I use a professional infant scale to determine how much milk was transferred during the feed. 

Infant exam


I will assess your baby's growth, breastfeeding reflexes, and anatomy. 

Feeding Observation


During breastfeeding, I will assist with a comfortable latch and position. I will also provide assistance with supplementation, nipple shields, and more if necessary.

Care Plan


I will listen to your concerns and goals and suggest a care plan. I will work with you to make sure it's in line with your goals.